Lecture Notes
Controversies in COVID. An overview of the viral pandemic and areas of contention – DR WILLIAM PRATT (INFECTIOUS DISEASES SPECIALIST)

There is a herarchy of interventions to control COVID-19. The least effective of these is relying on masks and PPE – it works, but it isnt perfect. More effective measures include using telehealth, engineering controls [HEPA filters and high rates of air flow, perspex barriers], administrative controls [contact-free payments], and having appropriate sick leave so that staff do not keep working when sick. When wearing a mask, wear it properly and don’t touch your face!

There seems to be a wide spectrum of illness from very mild to very severe. Deterioration tends to happen most often in the second week of illness. Several treatments have been found ineffective, including hydroxychloroquine. Remdesivir and dexamethasone are still being investigated.

There is an emerging idea that this may be a Syndemic, not a pandemic. A Syndemic is where two categories of disease interact within specific populations, i.e. socioeconomic disadvantage and chronic disease is intersecting with the viral infection leading to worse outcomes.

Locally there has been a huge amount of work done to plan for the response in the aged care facilities. [As previous, see HealthPathways for the latest guidelines.]

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