Lecture Notes
Gender Dysphoria for GPs – DR DAN TAIT (PAEDIATRICIAN)

Gender diverse young people face many challenges in health care. There is a severe shortage of available services. GPs can help by providing respectful and affirming care, especially holistic care addressing all of their physical and mental wellbeing.


  • Make sure to use their preferred name (and change to this name in practice software) and their preferred pronouns (i.e. he/him for a trans male). If in doubt, ask the patient what they prefer.
  • Psychological support is essential.
  • Not everybody wants hormonal treatment, but for those that do there are still access issues unfortunately.
  • Changing a birth certificate is also a difficult process.
  • Refer to a paediatrician initially (children / adolescents).


You can read more about the management guidelines here.

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